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Ninja Escape

Ninja Escape is a free flash game where you are a ninja and you have get to the other side and go to the next level. This game was created by me using stencyl. It took a few weeks to learn and master this game and the program and now here it is ready for you to play.

So far there are 10 levels (there might be one bonus level too). There is a ‘pause game’ option which is accessed by clicking the 'ESC' key on your keyboard and click it again to unpause. Don't run of the edges of the map or it will respawn you.

The controls are: jump - up arrow, duck - down arrow, run/walk right - right arrow, run/walk left - left arrow, air jump - up arrow, wall jump left - right arrow + up arrow, wall jump right - left arrow + up arrow, slide right - right arrow + down arrow, slide left - left arrow + down arrow. 


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